Reduce, Re-use, Recycle that Cycle.

About four months back, I created a string of videos to promote the local Addy Awards in Asheville. The spots were a lot of fun and I got to use a lot of fun toys I’ve been keeping around because I don’t really want to grow up. One spot that people really seemed to like featured a toy motorcycle (originally used in Epic Arts’ productions of A Mad, Mad Madrigal) and using a simple perspective trick to make the bike look normal-sized.

A few weeks ago, the same ad club started to plan a raffle. The prize is a new Harley and the idea came up to modify the original motorcycle spot for the raffle. The original fottage was shot with a simple digital still camera with HD video capability and edited on plain old Windows Moviemaker. For the new spot, I worked with David B. at Asheville Video Productions to add some green screen effects and then edited it on Adobe Premiere, my new favorite program.

We still have a tiny bit of work to do, but here’s the preview…

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